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Kumar Pradipto

Kathak Guru, Alumini of Kathak Kendra, Disciple of Pt. Jai Kishan Maharaj

Ritu Gupta

Founder and Director Samarpan Kala Kendra, Kathak Faculty, Sr. disciple of Kumar Pradipto

Why Us


Samparpan Kala Kendra-SKK is a dedicated team of dance lovers who have come together to create history. SKK’s inception has been profound and interesting and is considered to be –“Child of Eternity”. The masterminds behind this academy have nurtured its roots with great passion and ardour. The academy has grown from a just a dream to life like reality under the expert tutelage of some of the experienced and highly Zested individuals in this domain.

Samarpan Utsav

SAMARPAN UTSAV is an annual production of our institution  organised  at  Delhi NCR.
It is a classical evening comprising of  various indian classical dance forms  like kathak, bharatnatyam, mohini attam, odissi
and classical instruments like tabla, sitar.
We provide a platform where the best in their respective fields are invited to perform. Our students get  this unique opportunity to share stage with them learn from the gurus and seek their blessings. The concept and motivation comes from fact that our present generation are losing intrerst in our dance forms and the finer naunces associated with it.

So it’s  an effort to bring all together to showcase out heritage so that our generations can carry this further.

Kumar Pradipto


I have been profusely into dancing since time immemorial. My love for dancing started when I was a young and macho like guy. But I clearly remember a time when, dancing was not appreciated, a more defined career was more of the “In-Thing”. I did face a lot of criticism in the initial days but somehow I had this magnetic field of dance circling around which never let me go off the dancing fever. Graduation, railway exams, railway jobs and what not, but eventually it was D-A-N-C-E that made my way. During this time I had developed a strong fascination towards classical dance. So Giving up everything and with lot of enthu and vivacity I just took off and went under the tutelage of Sh. Pandit Jai Kishan Ji Maharaj., from then, there was no looking back. I had completed my course studies and degree in Kathak in no time. Time seemed to fly away and I had come with flying colors from being a student to being – “Kathak Guru- Sh. Pradipto Sarkar”. This title was enshrined as a blessing on me on(Date) and (event). Then is when I decided to make this a full time activity for myself and start imparting quality learning experience to anyone under the roof , interested in pursuing classical dance, due course of time, I met Ritu who had that flare in her to learn dance and teach as well. Finally we sowed the seeds of SKK- Samarpan Kala Kendra.


If you ask me what is so different about SKK, I would say we differ by our “APPROACH”. Kathak is same for all, but the dance is customised and taught w.r.t each body type. This is just a small example that I wanted to site about the approach that we follow.


Journey of Samarpan


Ritu Gupta


Being from a very noble background and being naïve to running business operations, SKK was a dream come true for me. Dance has always been my way of expressing life. The expression of joy, grief, temper, anxiety-I find a way out through dance. I always wanted to spread happiness through dance and that’s how SKK happened. From being a brain child to now almost 2 years into full-fledged operation, I see SKK soaring high up and creating a great talent pool in all forms of dancing, though Classical form of Dancing-kathak specially will always be at the  core of my heart. I definitely see SKK as brand in the near future and we welcome all the passionate dancers to join us and get into the same cloud of expression and attitude !!



OUR OFFICE ADDRESS - Near Paras Hospital,2934 A, C1 Block, Sushant Lok Phase 1, Gurgaon, Haryana 122002


REACH US - +91 9811440671

OUR TIMING'S - Mon - Sun: 4 PM - 8 PM